The story


La storia

Dalla passione per la qualità e per il territorio Lodigiano, nasce Gran Sapori. Un'azienda italiana oggi famosa in tutto il mondo.


Gran Sapori, founded by Paola Rancati, was born in 1990 and immediately ranks on the market as an international company with a quality certification .
Initially, under the name of Ital Lemon, is given more attention to the production and marketing of the lemon juice.

Research and tradition

Since the early years, simultaneously with the production of lemon juice, starts a fine work of research aimed at the discovery and exploitation of the ancient traditions of Lodi cuisine.

Are thus brought to light the ancient texts that told of the culinary lodigiane medieval habits. In particular a phrase has caught the attention and stimulated the curiosity of Paola : "licore de cucina dulce et agresto".

Just to that old recipe medieval Gran Sapori was inspired to create the Balseto Laudense. It was 1997 .


Balseto Laudense, an international success

In a very short time this product is being appreciated and valued by the people of Lodi and then exported worldwide. The Balseto has such a success that becomes the core business of Gran Sapori: hence the decision to devote his attention to fully extending the range of condiments.

Gran Sapori today is recognized both locally and internationally and is proud to get to spread the Lodi tradition worldwide, through its products.



The history

Gran Sapori is born from the passion for quality and for the territory of Lodi. An italian company now famous throughout the world.