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Balseto Laudense




Vinegar and Lemon




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Balsanese sauce

Balsanese dressing, ideal for cold meats, cheeses, meat and fish. Straordinary as a snack spread over a craker.

A delicate and soft dressing, characterized by a sweet and sour aftertaste of Balseto Laudense, gives the palate a fresh and light touch.

Ideal for meat and fish, it goes with every dish. A pleasure to taste every moment of the day.

Balsanese dressing is extraordinary as a snack simply spread over a rice or corn craker.

A triunph of delilcacy.

Single doses

Practical single doses to be enjoyed at any time of the day: the easiest solution to enjoy a sin of gluttony.

Marked by the unmistakable acidulous notes of Balseto Laudense, a fresh and delicate dressing, created to enhance appetizers, salads and a wide variety of culinary preparations, now in practical single doses.


12 jar box

12 jar 170 gr

The harmony of lightness: Balsanese dressing enhances meat and fish, embellishes the canapes, gives flavor to vinaigrettes and more. Get overwhelmed by its taste that enhances the flavors without covering.



From Lodi's tradition a new Gran Sapori proposal with the unmistakable taste of the sweet and sour Balseto Laudense

The harmony of lightness